If you are interested in becoming more aware of who you are as an individual, below you will find some tools to do so. In addition, if you feel called to learn more about your potential connection to God through Jesus Christ, check out the information further down the page.

Tools to be more aware of who you are as an individual

Check out the Inwarders podcast series. In it, Annabelle Foussier and Mikan exchange perspectives and experiences, providing tools to allow you to grow and learn. The Inwarders initial series is available on Podbean, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts, with many episodes having aired.

Tools to support your connection to God

The above mentioned tools may help you to “empty your cup”. Emptying your awareness of (negative) perceptions in an attempt to experience peace. Which works wonderfully. At least for a while. For once your cup is empty, generally, it fills again. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. And it may seem like it is not always you who is filling it… And if that is true, then who is it that is filling your cup? Who has influence over that? My experience is that God has influence over that. And that you can choose to be filled with Him. For that is what happened to me once I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

Accepting Christ

What accepting Christ means

Complete Salvation And How To Receive It – Part 1 & Complete Salvation And How To Receive It – Part 2

Some videos that might help you

1. How Christ found me

2. Emptying your cup, and filling it with….?

3. Some of the ways in which God changed my life

4. Everlasting Life

5. Your relationship with God