Mikan offers support to companies and individuals. He combines his spirit with a 25-year career in investment management, 17 years of healing work, 10 years of life-, work-, and spiritual coaching, and extensive global travels and lifetime of self-reflection.

Words from those who have been helped:

“I am thankful to Mikan. He helped me go through very painful experiences I did not know how to deal with. I was healed when I was so low I could not do anything by myself. He was always there for me, taking care of me and in the meantime I learned a lot. I am really thankful.”

“Working with Mikan over the past several years has been a revelation and has immeasurably improved my life. From the early stages that involved techniques to really understand oneself and what truly matters, to an evolution of self introspection vs all that is around us, it has been a journey of increasing acceptance, transparency and serenity. Pragmatically also, Mikan has been able to help create clarity for me when urgently needed and continues to teach me how to find it within. Our interactions, whether short or long, simple or complex, always leave me with an extraordinary sense of lightness which carries through cumulatively in my life since we first met.”

“The past 7 years I have known Mikan has been the most transformative of my life. What started as a coaching session about work and life decisions grew into a direct understanding the Presence within me is everything I was searching for. 
Mikan’s support on my journey has been incredibly precious. He patiently guided me through the many steps towards contentment. Some steps were scary and painful. Being able to turn to Mikan was what kept me going. He often said I could have done it alone, but I wouldn’t trade my teacher for the World. Thank you Mikan.”