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Coaching  & Self Development


In 2012, I helped some friends heal and deal with the things they were going through, mentally, emotionally and physically, at the time using a combination of energy work and informal coaching. I then took a 7-week trip to Nepal, Tibet and India. Whilst there, I realized I was passionate about assisting others in this way. I decided to enhance my skills in these areas.

I looked to the International Coaching Federation (‘ICF’)¹, the largest global organization of professional coaches. I selected Consciousness Coaching² as my program of choice. I completed the Master Levels I, II, III part 1, and III part 2, all in 2013. An additional step could be to take the exam and register with Consciousness Coaching and/or ICF, although I have not felt that calling.

Benefits of Coaching

If you are facing issues such as a sense of stress, discomfort, unpleasantness, problems, resistance, anxiety, sadness, depression, a sense of “stuckness”, an overactive imagination, or overthinking, you may benefit from coaching. That will support you to identify the issue, be with it, see it for what it truly is, and allow you to actively deal with it. It may provide relief, acceptance, dissolution of the issue at hand, or other benefits. It does not matter whether these circumstances arise in your work, or personal life, or sport. All are well-suited to be addressed in that way.

Clients have dealt successfully with, among others, the following:

  • Excess stress in high level sports, leading to suboptimal results
  • Unexpected relationship breakup and financial struggles
  • Fear of lack of money learned in the childhood home
  • Not feeling good enough and staying in an (emotionally) abusive relationship
  • Placing almost all attention on extreme tail-end likelihood events as a result of desiring to avoid such scenarios or being afraid of them
  • Letting the desire of the ego determine the course of a career rather than doing what is right for the person
  • Feelings of loneliness and separation as a result of Corona measures
  • Feeling overwhelmed with the struggles of balancing home and work life

How do I coach?

I coach by focusing on the different aspects involved in your experiencing of your problem(s). This includes body awareness, mental awareness, and emotional awareness. I guide you into becoming (more) aware of what the situation is telling you in these different aspects, and giving you tools to deal with each of these. This will give you a greater sense of control and acceptance of the situations you may find yourself in, allowing you to better deal with work, private life, and sports situations.

Self Development Tools

Many of the tools you would be give by me in personal coaching are also available for you to study (and implement) at your leisure. Feel free to purchase a useful little book I wrote on this topic.

Coaching Testimonials

“I am thankful to Mikan. He helped me go through very painful experiences I did not know how to deal with. I was healed when I was so low I could not do anything by myself. He was always there for me, taking care of me and in the meantime I learned a lot. I am really thankful.”

“Working with Mikan over the past several years has been a revelation and has immeasurably improved my life. From the early stages that involved techniques to really understand oneself and what truly matters, to an evolution of self introspection vs all that is around us, it has been a journey of increasing acceptance, transparency and serenity. Pragmatically also, Mikan has been able to help create clarity for me when urgently needed and continues to teach me how to find it within. Our interactions, whether short or long, simple or complex, always leave me with an extraordinary sense of lightness which carries through cumulatively in my life since we first met.”

“The past 7 years I have known Mikan has been the most transformative of my life. What started as a coaching session about work and life decisions grew into a direct understanding the Presence within me is everything I was searching for. 
Mikan’s support on my journey has been incredibly precious. He patiently guided me through the many steps towards contentment. Some steps were scary and painful. Being able to turn to Mikan was what kept me going. He often said I could have done it alone, but I wouldn’t trade my teacher for the World. Thank you Mikan.”

1 http://www.coachfederation.org/

2 http://consciousnesscoaching.nl/