And then there was Light (Kindle Edition)


And then there was Light is a self-development book that allows the reader to progress through varying levels of self-knowledge. Starting with increasing awareness of feelings and thoughts, and progressing through actively dealing with what is experienced to finally allowing your awareness to rest in its Being, the reader will face increasingly difficult activities. At least – that is how it may seem. In reality, all that is experienced is part of You, so therefore nothing to be afraid of. If you are willing to put in the work, the rest, relaxation, a sense of rightness and belonging will follow. 


The contents of this writing are based on the experiences of Mikan van Zanten. As all people do, he too progressed through various levels of Self awareness. Starting with the realization at age 11 that he had not made any decision in his life consciously, and getting in touch with the healing treatments of Reiki at age 14, he was always fascinated by the freedom presented in fictional books. Once he realized that such freedom was claimed to be (ultimately) found also in the religions of the world, he started reading books on those topics. As his library increased, and his knowledge of the subjects discussed therein, so did an increasing sense of being dissatisfied with just reviewing what others had written. An innate desire for experiencing what was written arose, and was pursued. Mikan had many interesting, eye-opening, sometimes difficult, and beautiful experiences. A nearly unwavering commitment to doing what was right, a growth of his intuitive Knowing, a familiarity with working with his I Am Presence to create experiences to be aware of, realizations such as that I Am that (and that, and that, and that…), realizing experientally the inherent emptiness of things, and healing others at a distance have all been part of his Life. He is now increasingly in the space of Being, aware of what is occurring in his life and in the lives of others he is blessed to be aware of.