Car problems

After 10 months of working on my car, attempting to increase the acceleration to what it was before, it seems like I have finally fixed it. So, what happened?

I have been breathing in dirty air. At least, I have not been focused on my breath as an extension of my being. Rather, it has gone unnoticed, unconsciously, for a long time.

So now (after months of working on different things) my car has been pointing out that there was a gasket (a rubber ring basically) that wasn’t working well anymore due to wear and tear. And the replacement of that gasket has led to the air being inserted into the engine with the appropriate pressure once again. And that in extension thereof my body – which I have been working on to be more flowing with what is rather than it being hard and rigid and doing things with force – is now also adjusting to this new flow. And I just realized that my lungs, where the air enters my body, for some reason have not been happy. And that the cause of this is that I hadn’t yet allowed my breathing to also just ‘be’. In effect, allowing that too to be an extension of what I am. I subconsciously saw my Self as separate from my body, including my lungs and its ability to provide oxygen to my cells. So now that I have integrated this into being, I feel much more relaxed. Relieved. As if I can stop working so hard to do things, and just allow myself to enjoy what is. For my body to finally find some rest and relaxation in just enjoying the moments of my life. Rather than needing to fix or do or strive or achieve. Like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.