The teachings of multiple religions/spiritual movements

“In the beginning was the Word.”

So … before the beginning there was no Word?

Indeed. There was no thing. Nothing formed to distinguish itself from nothingness, nor from any other thing. No limits to be found. No sense of time present.

Just Being. Perhaps aware of itself, but since there was no “self” within this nothing-ness, let’s just call it ‘Being’. Or “spaciousness”. Or, as some like to call it, “That” (as in “I am That”).


So then some “thing” occurred/arose in Being. Let’s call it the Word. Or consciousness. Or awareness. And it brought with it possibilities. Some say “Spirit” perhaps? Of movement, direction, concepts, form, and an awareness of these things. And the awareness in a focused form was the “I” which was aware of itself, and able to perceive these things that had been brought into Being.

And the I formed shapes/forms to further distinguish/investigate what it was perceiving and what could be perceived. Let’s call those shapes/forms levels of awareness, or “bodies”. Some speak of the causal body, the astral body, the mental body, the etheric body, and the physical body.

So, in a simple picture sort of like this:

Ok cool. So now what?

That depends. Where do you want your awareness to be? Focused on the things you experience? Focused on the I being aware of itself? For where your awareness is, there you are. And when you are ready, “I” fades and Being is. The Being that was there all along.