At first reflection…

Today is the first day that I write a blog. Or rather, I am open to writing a new blog. Because I have found a good way to convey information is to take identity out of the equation. Basically, go to a place where the mind is not the guiding component of your actions nor thoughts. It is sort of this empty place, a space without limits. In that space, words appear, the words that I write now. So, in effect I am just a tool writing the words that appear in nothingness, in this space. Kind of cool. Easy certainly, because there is no reasoning behind it. No effort, no investigation. Just what is. A relief to not have to investigate something, or to be wary of what you say having impact in the wrong way. To be concerned with others’ response. It is just this ‘space’ of being. It is quiet, and peaceful. Nice to be there, really.

Happy sheep?

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