OK. So now what? What do I do? Where do I go? How do I approach life?

Pff. Too much effort. All these questions, and the tension behind them. I feel it. It is uncomfortable to pick up on that. At least for me right now. Very stressful actually. As if I physically sense (perhaps in my nervous system?) the tension behind it. Wow.

Ok. So now what? I am aware that I sense that. I feel the sensation of restlessness/tension/vibration in my nerves. I do not distance myself from it in an attempt to run away from it nor ignore that it is there. Instead, I just feel what there is to feel. I do not fight it. I accept that as being in my experience. No resistance to that sensation. Just staying with it, for as long as it wants or needs. If it wants to stay a long time, that is fine. If it does not, that is fine too. It is part of my experience, so why should I fight it? I do not fight the fact that I see something with my eyes. I may not like what I see, but I do not deny that I see it. Nor do I now deny that I sense something related to stress, wherever it is. So I accept that I sense that. That that is ok to feel/pick up on/sense/be aware of. And just let it be there for as long as it needs. I take my time with that…

OK. So a little while later I find I am at peace with that. Great! What’s next?? ?

Peace and quiet in the early morning