Trusting God?

Whatever God is, or intuition, or your Higher Self, or your I AM Presence, or whatever name you want to call it – do you trust that? Let’s call it That, or It. I trust it. Not always, mind you. Sometimes I doubt. I sense this creeping suspicion that It may not be working all the time. And if that is so, then why trust It all the time?

Well… That has a plan. It is doing exactly what You are telling it to do, although you may not always be aware of it. The trick is to pay attention to what That is telling you, sometimes very subtly.

Case in point. This morning I was working on my car. It has been ‘suffering’ from reduced power when I push the accelerator. I had mechanics look at it, and they could not find the problem. Instead, they suggested to keep driving it until something broke and they could read an error message in the car’s computer. This would narrow the search considerably rather than them going in search for it which to them felt like a needle in a haystack. Apparently this problem can have many causes…

So I didn’t agree with that approach. Kind of a shame to break something first and then fix it, rather than knowing what the problem is and nipping it in the bud. So I did. I have. And it has taken me about 10 months already… Pfff.

It is effectively a little experiment in trusting That. I followed the guidance given by It in terms of identifying what the problem is (or problems are). Basically, as time has progressed, I have learnt many things about my car’s engine. How the parts interact. How the sensors work, and what impairs their functioning. And I have figured out, by trusting my intuition and by subsequently doing what it is asking (for example – go to Youtube and watch this and that to get more intelligence on it), that it is caused by pollution. My car has quite some miles/kilometers on it, and some parts have become a little dirty. Even the electrical connectors have suffered wear and tear over time. So, learning how to take them apart, cleaning them, and reinstalling them has made a difference. As has the removal, proper cleaning, and reinstalling of various sensors.

Interesting process – my intuition would tell me something. I would read up/watch clips on it, and then proceed to do one thing at a time. Then, when done, the car would start beautifully and give me more power. I was excited every time! But then, a little while later, the problem would come back. And I would continue my search. Listen to instincts, do the research, figure out another cause, and fix that. And again, and again. So far, I have investigated and solved or ruled out 11 items. No wonder it has taken a little while.

Anyway, as I mentioned this morning I was working on my car. I had finished what my intuition had told me to do after having done the research last night. And the last thing It told me was to take another look after having done the 3 things in terms of cleaning today. So I did. And I noticed another sensor. I undid the screws in an attempt to take it out and see how it could be cleaned (and if that was necessary). And one of the screws dropped in between various tubes, all the way to the bottom of the car, but not on the ground. Crap. I could not reach it. I had no idea where it was. And I was doubting if I could, and what to do about it, if anything. Strongly. As in – very strong feelings of doubt a little bit the right and up from my navel. Clenching really. Annoying. And strongly present.

OK I thought. I’ll dissolve it. So I did. I asked my Higher Self to dissolve that feeling. And it went. I think. I don’t remember exactly. And then I asked God – God, please return this screw to me without further effort. And I asked Archangel Michael to help that. And I left it, and took the car for a test drive after my morning’s labours.

I returned home after the test drive, and went to fill the car with windshield wiper fluidt. And for some reason, I lay down on the ground, and looked under the car. There, stuck in the bottom covering, and sticking out a little bit, was the missing screw! I had just taken a 10 mile/16 kilometer drive including on the highway, and there was the screw I had asked God’s help for in retrieving! Incredible! I just plucked it out from under, and reinstalled it in a minute.

I was so thankful to That for reminding me anything is possible, to cast aside my doubts, and just trust It. And then It comes. In whatever shape or form is right for you.

Trust It