It’s the holiday season. And I feel sad. Why would that be? There is cheer and nice lights and cozy atmosphere in homes everywhere. And yet I feel sad…

It does not really matter where that feeling comes from. It is just important to notice that it is there. The question then becomes what to do with it. Many people look for something to occupy their minds whilst they continue to suffer in silence. That could be fine, yet may not be the best way to deal long-term. Other dive into their feeling, effectively staying in their sadness for a while. That too could be fine, yet also may not be the best way to deal long-term. So, what then?

What you could do is just feel what you feel. Do not spend time thinking about why, or how to deal, or what to do about it, or anything else. Just feel the feeling of sadness. Where do you feel that? In your heart? Your head? Your belly? Wherever you feel it, go there with your awareness. Allow yourself to connect to that. Do not reject the feeling, just allow yourself to feel it. Lovingly. Connect your heart to that feeling. Feel a connection, or imagine it, coming from your heart to that feeling. Let white light, or love, flow from your heart to that feeling. Allowing it to feel comforted. So that the sadness knows it is seen, recognized, felt, and accepted. That it is ok for it to be there. It does not need to go anywhere to be accepted. It can stay right where it is, and it will be felt and accepted for what it is…

That’s it. Just keep doing that when it happens. All it takes is a recognition that you are feeling sad and that that is ok too.

Sending you love.

Feel lonely?


When all things are seen for what they are, and the joy of being is recognized not just in you, but in all.